Brett davern dating

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Brett davern dating

Fast-forward to season four: Jake has grown out his beach-blond hair, preferring to sing moody, oftentimes funny coffeeshop ballads about love and despair.(Three of those original songs will be featured this season.) It was a drastic character shift, one that new executive producers Mike : "With Jake, we felt he's always been the clean-cut good guy who always does right, so what if he's a dude who sings songs? One of the show's main characters may be taking a step further than the rest.Jake Rosati began the series as your everyday jock and best friend to Matty.

But as she told us, she's using all of her gifts to inspire other young girls to follow their own paths. We have to be honest: Jenna Hamilton's style on 'Awkward' hasn't been so inspiring...

At this point, I think Tamara and Jenna can get through anything.

They've been friends for so many years and have gone through so much drama.

Can their friendship survive yet another fight over the same boy? What's coming up for Tamara in this week's episode?

This week's episode is all about New Year's Eve and Tamara will finally get to hook up with Pete, the guy she was pining for all during her ski trip.

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Brett [Davern] and Beau [Mirchoff], though...those two might be dating. If you could cast Jenna's next boyfriend, who would you choose? When I did read it, I was blown away, so I did it just because I really liked it. Whether you're in high school now or not, everything Jenna goes through transcends a setting or a time period. I didn't know it at first, but I realized that I'm here to inspire people.