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Crystalens accommodating

It is achieved by insisting on the highest standards of operations and performance. Weekly meetings are held with our staff to review our performance and plan for higher quality of service. It is the expected standard of performance that has developed its philosophy of operation. It searches for new opportunities for its staff and patients to open their minds to new horizons in eye healthcare. It affects and is reflected by everyone in the practice. It is a never-ending process, requiring motivation, creativity, energy and financial support.This site is an educational resource for facts and information to help you learn about laser eye surgery in general, how to find a LASIK surgeon, understanding LASIK costs as well as potential risks, complications and side effects of LASIK.The information provided herein can help you identify and answer questions so that you along with your eye surgeon can make an informed decision about whether LASIK surgery might be right for you.The average cost increase for laser cataract surgery is 2 per eye, according to participants at the Ophthalmology Innovators Summit.

This procedure can also cost a bit more than standard cataract surgery.

I had Symfony lenses implanted in both eyes the first week of December.

By 1 week postop my uncorrected vision at distance was between 20/15 and 20/20.

Bajenova, The Harman Eye Clinic has remained true to its commitment to excellence. To maintain excellence it must be nourished and continually reviewed and renewed.

Please feel encouraged to send your comments, compliments, and suggestions to our office either through email, mail, by phone or in person.

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Safe, effective and predictable LASIK surgery results from the combination of being a good clinical candidate for LASIK plus skilled LASIK surgeons who can help you select the from the various laser eye surgeries.