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Expiry dating of investigational medicinal products

The GMP Inspectorate works closely with the Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) at MHRA and regularly provides support to help answer a wide range of stakeholder queries which relate to the manufacture, import, labelling, licensing requirements and general handling of Investigational Medicinal Products (IMPs).

EU GMP Annex 13 provides guidance on this as follows: Both the total and partial manufacture of investigational medicinal products, as well as the various processes of dividing up, packaging or presentation, is subject to the authorisation referred to in Article 13(1) Directive 2001/20/EC, cf. This authorisation, however, shall not be required for reconstitution under the conditions set out in Article 9(2) Directive 2005/28/EC.In addition, it is not clear to which extent such different appearances would have an effect on patient / user acceptability.Moreover, the introduction to the variation classification guidelines (2013/C 223/01) includes the following statement: "References in this Annex to changes to the marketing authorisation dossier mean addition, replacement or deletion, unless specifically indicated." For the purpose of illustration and comparison, change code B.Since an expiration date must be on the IMP label in accordance with Annex 13 and GMP I cannot see how this material can be used in any clinical trial without becoming a GCP violation.The IMP should have been returned to source as not being fit for purpose and not accepted by the site for use in a CT.

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The advantages of harmonizing medicinal product labeling regulations across EU member states are intuitively obvious.