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Coal Industry Challenges Natural gas and oil output are up significantly in the United States due to fracking. Coal accounts for roughly 39% of US electric generating capacity.

Coal plant retirements are expected to accelerate due not only to competition from natural gas and renewable energy, but also to tougher environmental regulation of mercury and carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel power plants.

The term “descendant” is synonymous with the terms “lineal descendant” and “issue” but excludes collateral heirs.“Devise,” when used as a noun, means a testamentary disposition of real or personal property and, when used as a verb, means to dispose of real or personal property by will or trust.

The term includes “gift,” “give,” “bequeath,” “bequest,” and “legacy.” A devise is subject to charges for debts, expenses, and taxes as provided in this code, the will, or the trust.“Devisee” means a person designated in a will or trust to receive a devise.

The US coal industry is being forced by competition from natural gas and renewable energy to “right size.” At least part of the right sizing will be done through the bankruptcy process.

An example is the bankruptcy filing by Patriot Coal, the 12th largest coal producer in the United States, in May.

It was the second bankruptcy filing for the company in three years.

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Unlike with most other contracts, under section 1113 a debtor must take specific actions to attempt a consensual resolution before moving to reject a CBA. The court in Walter Energy acknowledged that the "necessary" element has taken on two different forms in different circuits: the Third Circuit's "absolutely essential" view, based on Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corp. United Steelworkers of America, AFL-CIO-CLC, 791 F.2d 1074 (3d Cir. The Third Circuit's more stringent standard requires that prior to rejection, debtors must illustrate that their modifications do not overreach those modifications minimally necessary.

First, the debtor must present the union with a proposal that: (a) contains those CBA modifications necessary to permit the debtor's reorganization; (b) assures the fair and equitable treatment of the stakeholders; and (c) is based on the most complete and reliable information then available. 1986), and the Second Circuit's "necessary, but not absolutely minimal" view from Truck Drivers Local 807, Int'l Bhd. The Second Circuit's more flexible definition gives debtors the ability to terminate union contracts so long as their proposal includes necessary changes that will enhance the debtors' ability to successfully reorganize.

Except as provided in subsections (2) and (4) and in s.

607.0124(3), a document accepted for filing is effective on the date and at the time of filing, as evidenced by such means as the Department of State may use for the purpose of recording the date and time of filing.

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The document may, but need not, contain the corporate seal, an attestation, an acknowledgment, or a verification.

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