Peerguardian2 not updating

Posted by / 23-Sep-2017 06:09

People who are unfamiliar with this kind of programme may have trouble getting to grips with Peer Guardian at least at first at the rather basic look of the programme may put some people off.However it is free to download and use and once users become familiar with it the programme tends to work flawlessly.It knows which IPs to block, because it comes with several IP lists of known IP offenders.

It blocks "known bad" computers from accessing yours, for example governments, corporate entities, and those flagged for anti-p2p activities. You can also attach log/conf files, images of screenshots, or zip files to better describe your problem.It is an extremely easy software to use that runs in the background of your OS and starts up with your computer.Peer Guardian 2 protects your privacy by blocking IPs while you are downloading from your favorite P2P network.Using this programme is the safest way to make sure that privacy is protected when using P2P and a large number of people from all around the world are already taking advantage of it for both personal and professional use while various blacklisted IP addresses are also included in the package.However using this type of programme is not exactly instinctive and anyone who wants to take full advantage of it may find that they need to spend a little bit of time playing around with it before they can use it to full effect.

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View full description People who are looking for a way to block various different IP addresses on their computer should make sure that they take a look at Peer Guardian.