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Ricky ullman dating

Fools for Love is a third season episode of House which first aired on October 31, 2006.

As much as we'd all still love to see the Diffy family traveling through time with Keely Teslow in tow, fans of Phil of the Future will have to look to social media to get their hit of nostalgia.

But with this new life and the misadventures that come with it become the norm, when the time comes will Phil want to return to the future?

I was very impressed with Disney's newest show Phil of the Future. Plus, it is very different from Lizzie Mcguire, Even Stevens, Thats so Raven Etc.

Until then, the Diffys are stuck in the early 21st Century (what they consider the past) and trying to fit in.

Only one person knows their secret, Phil's new best friend bubbly and popular Keely Teslow.

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