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Sean hannity dating site

He knew his way around the digital world, and Congress, and nonprofits.

Though not a journalist, he’d once had journalistic aspirations and seemed to retain journalistic sensibilities.

The site closed down for legal reasons, Hannity said, but he’s not against a sequel mirroring the popular dating app Tinder.

“I actually love the idea,” he said, adding examples of instances he’s put the spotlight on “cute couples” on the road.

In an interview with the International Business Times, Hannity spoke about his long shuttered dating site, “Hannidate,” which attempted to spark love among conservative men and women. Not many people know this, but Sean Hannity used to be the owner of a conservative dating website called Hannidate which was founded in 2006.The site wasn’t strictly a heterosexual dating site, people had a lot of “choices.” Hannidate used to describe itself as “The place where people of like conservative minds can come together to meet.Whether you are looking for a life partner, or just someone to hang out with, here you’ll be able to find exactly who you are looking for, locally or around the world.” There was a link to his dating website from the main website. Under “Favorite Foods,” you could choose “Anything my Mama makes.” The “Drinking Habits” menu was very interesting.Hannidate also had some pretty funny menu options: In the “Languages Spoken” section of your profile, you could choose “Southern” as a language choice. Hannity seemed to use a bit of passive aggressive browbeating when he made the “Gave it up” option the default answer.

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You can get your tickets to the event at: The Oregon Wine “The cornerstone of all negotiations whether they occur in a public or private arena, is the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing,” Governor Brown said.

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