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The absolute minimum is the last name, but you can probably imagine how long it would take to sort through all obituaries of people sharing the same last name (even names you would think are uncommon will likely have hundreds to thousands of matches).

So, if the person is your ancestor, try to find someone who knows their first name as well.

The reason is that the most likely place for an obituary to be found would be either a newspaper circulating in the place of residence of the person or the place where they died.

It's well-known fact that obituaries are among the cornerstones of genealogical and biographical research, but did you know that law enforcement also keeps track of obituaries?

This is because there are criminals who try to assume the identities of recently deceased people, and the police have to prevent them from doing so.

Protection from Harassment There may be filing and service fees in PH case, depending upon the facts of the case.

You may also be required to first ask law enforcement to warn the defendant to stop the harassment before starting a PH case.

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Officers may: An officer may arrest an individual with or without a warrant if the officer reasonably believes that a violation of a previously granted temporary or final protection from abuse order has occurred.

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